The Church Is God’s Idea

February 25, 2024

The Church: A Mess, But Still God's Idea


In the book of First Corinthians, the Apostle Paul addresses thechurch in Corinth, a city known for its immorality and vices. Despite themessiness of the church, Paul reminds them that the church is still God's ideaand called by Him. The church in Houston isset apart for a holy purpose: to influence Jesus in the city and establish thekingdom of God.


Paul wrote in First Corinthians 1:2, "To the Church of Godin Corinth, to those sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be his holy people together with all those everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." He emphasizes that the church is called by God, not just a gathering of people but a group of individuals set apart for a specific purpose.


Despite the messiness and imperfections of the church, it is essential to remember that it is still God's idea. Sometimes, it may feel like the church is not living up to its calling or that it is not making a significant impact. However, the church is sustained by God, and He guarantees its success. We can trust that God is with us and will continue to work through the church in Houston to reach the world for Jesus.


The Church: Empowered by God's Grace


In First Corinthians 1:4-7, Paul expresses his gratitude for the grace given to the church in Corinth. He acknowledges that they have been enriched with all kinds of speech and knowledge. This enrichment is not limited to individuals but extends to the entire church body.


God's grace empowers the church. It is through His grace that the church can fulfill its purpose and accomplish great things. As believers, we are not just saved for our benefit but also given spiritual gifts to build the church and serve others. Each individual has a unique gift, and when we come together, we have all the gifts we need to make a difference in the world.


Paul reminds the church that they do not lack any spiritual giftand that they should eagerly await the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.This empowerment by God's grace enables the church to reach the lost andestablish the kingdom of God effectively.


The Church: Sustained byGod's Faithfulness


While the church may face challenges and difficulties, God's faithfulness sustains it. In First Corinthians 1:8-9, Paul assures the church that God will keep them firm until the end and that they will be blameless on the day of the Lord Jesus Christ. God is faithful and has called the church into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ.


God's faithfulness guarantees the success and growth of the church. It is not dependent on human efforts alone but on God's power and faithfulness. As believers, we can trust that God will sustain the church and fulfill His purposes through it.




Is the church perfect?


No, the church is not perfect. It is made up of imperfectindividuals who are constantly growing and learning. However, despite itsimperfections, the church is still God's idea, and He uses it to reach theworld for Jesus.


What is the purpose of the church?


The purpose of the church is to establish the kingdom of God onearth and to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ. It is a place forbelievers to gather, worship, grow, and serve.


How can I get involved in the church in Houston?


There are many ways to get involved in the church in Houston. You can start by attending services and getting to know the community. You can also join small groups or ministries to use your gifts and talents to serve others. Additionally, you can participate in outreach programs and missions to reach those in need or online church services in Houston.




Despite the messiness and imperfections of the church, it is still God's idea and called by Him. The church is set apart for a holy purpose, empowered by God's grace, and sustained by His faithfulness.


As believers, we are called to be a part of the church and to use our gifts to build the kingdom of God. Let us embrace our calling, trust in God's faithfulness, and be a light in Houston by joining us at Champion’s Church in Houston.


The Church is God's Idea